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Ghana is a vibrant, emerging market in Africa. With the right policies and technology resources, we at Ba-der/ DriveNet Solutions believe that the country can be propelled into the leading destination for doing business in Africa. That recast can be advanced further through business efficiency - a key factor in attracting repeat business and investment. Technology makes this vision possible and accessible. Ba-der/ DriveNet will work hard with our clients, current and potential, to make this possibility a reality.


DriveNet Solutions Limited, a subsidiary of Ba-der Savvy Solutions, LLC. USA, is a custom Web Applications and Total Software Solutions company with strong partnerships in the United States in custom business applications development. DriveNet began its Phase I entry into the Ghanaian software market in 2011, providing customized services in web, graphic and document design for all types of clients.

Phase II commences, with a big push - the introduction of comprehensive unified information systems, a wall-to-wall customized implementation for entities which wish to fully extend their operational and technological depth, while improving business turn-over.


Ba-der Solutions, the parent company of DriveNet has its origins in the manufacturing industry in the United States in the steel industry. Working primarily in the Western Pennsylvania area, the company honed its software development expertise in the rigorous, standards-driven manufacturing sub-sector with a solid engineering background. That strong tradition drove its expansion into the retail sector and remains the hallmark of its software implementations; and we are bringing this to public organizations and private businesses in Ghana.

DriveNet's MISSIoN - The Next Frontier

We work with public sector organizations to transform government enterprises and help them deliver services to the public, while achieving world-class, private sector mission performance.

DriveNet's Vision - PURE TECHNOLOGY

To become the best custom software solutions provider in Ghana and the Sub-region, developing intelligent IT solutions which operationalize, streamline and automate business functions and processes for rapid socio-economic development.

The Next Frontier is DriveNet Solutions. BigData is the FRONTIER.... Learn More>>>