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Over the years, we have implemented a variety of applications for all types of clients in diverse sectors. Our advert-free web implementations are diverse and many: Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Shipping, Manufacturing, Non-Profits, Educational Institutions, Political Parties, etc., summaries of some of which are presented below:

Financial Services

A custom-themed, robust website, designed for the heavy lifting suitable to the fast-paced, multi-dimensional financial services sector. Hi-res imaging/content to project world-class professionalism.

Oil & Gas

A company involved with up- and down-stream oil & gas services wanted a simple but functional website to deliver specific content to it's clients and potential customers. They came to DriveNet and we delivered.

Real Estate

A leading Real Estate company wanted to renew and differentiate its brand in a rapidly expanding market. Another client recommended DriveNet. They have joined the long list of very satisfied DriveNet clients.


A prototype designed for the shipping industry, able to accommodate scaled and functional implementations suitable to specific client needs. This theme is available to the next client; it could be YOU.


A political consulting firm wanted a website to present bi-lingual content in English and French, and deploy a variety of dynamic web functionalities, plus consult on politically-oriented web technologies. DriveNet delivered.


A prototype based on a government ministry - Foreign Affairs, highlighting a base of operations which reaches out to the world. This theme is available to any institution with a similar outreach in mind.


Our parent company, Ba-der Solutions in the USA. A simple, dark portal hosting key solution components, navigates to a well-lit interior with solid software solutions helping businesses in North/South America & Europe.


A prototype designed for a school - simple, beautiful and functional, keeping the school community engaged and vibrant, academically. Handling school communications and driving its virtual world activity.

We have additional themed sites for political consultancies, consumer advocacy organizations, churches, import/export companies, government ministries, schools, HR consultancies, etc.

As a custom web services company, our themes are truly unique, based often on what a client wants. This means our designs are not canned or off-the-shelf templates forced on unsuspecting clients. When we build a site for you, it does exactly what we agree with the client that the site should do.