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Large Infromation Systems

  • Robust database and framework implementations which are secure, scalable, stable and reliable.
  • Smart Data Capture
  • Data integrity implementations to ensure that no extraneous or unnormalized injections are made.
  • Platform-neutral implementations to pass and manipulate data regardless of device used
  • Content outputs in user-friendly document format directly from within the system: Management and operational reports.
  • Regular back-ups to secure data. High security implementations for additional data protections.

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Website content

  • Presentation of content utilizing all formats - text, graphics/photos (hi-res images), video, audio.
  • Content management with carefully implemented protected regions to reduce accidental deletions.
  • Carefully crafted, simple messaging that engages clients, devoid of common errors that are often a put-off to potential clients.
  • Consistent document structure making it easy to find important information, without the tiredness that can come from lengthy online content.
  • Advert-free content, well, except your own. Get your own custom banners which enhance your communication, not obstruct it.
  • Fully optimized overall content for faster downloads