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WE CAN HELP - Large Business Bystems

  • Customized end-to-end systems
  • Solid Architecture Framework
  • Systems Analyses; Business Analyses
  • Business process streamlining and automation
  • Integrations
  • Web Applications
  • Manufacturing Systems; Enterprise Retail Systems
  • Tell us about your business, and then we can tell you what type of business system fits your needs. The possibilities are endless. Visit our parent website Learn More>>>


  • All businesses have the same goal: to make money. But there are different strategies to that goal, defined by a company's LOB. As a result, websites do not all always do the same things.
  • What is your LOB - Line of Business?
  • Why do you need a website?
  • What can a website do for your business?
  • Tell us about your LOB, and then we can tell you whether you need a website, and what kind of website you need to drive your business.
  • Also, if you want to get out of the "dinosaur website world" into a modern, dynamic world of data-driven, intuitive websites, it all starts here. Read on...

GETTING STARTED - What you need...

custom business solutions

  • Call (026-581-9092) to schedule an appointment or contact us.
  • Line of Business (LOB) and company size.
  • Detailed description of existing business process. Will require a DriveNet BPM/BPD or Gap Analysis to be conducted
  • Preparation and submission of technical documents to Client for consideration before actual system design, development and implementation

custom Websites

  • Call (026-581-9092) to schedule an appointment or contact us.
  • Line of Business (LOB) and company size.
  • Primary colors - minimum 2; maximum 3.
  • Idea of your logo; if you don't have one, DriveNet will provide that service at a fee.
  • Website categories - Smallbiz, Medium, Enterprise; Dynamic, Semi-dynamic, Static
Change - The Driving Force of Technology

Change - it doesn't come easily. The difficulty of shedding old comforts; the fear of the unknown. Two opposing forces, yet complimentary, in how they force you to seize new opportunities, reaching for higher goals. Look around you - where you've come from [where you've been], where you are and where you're headed - they're all marked by Change. Those who embrace it, instead of being forced to adapt to it, conquer the forces of Change.

Basic Facts About Websites

  • Websites Are Organic - Once started, a website's content grows, and in that growth comes change. However, it will not grow and change without human intervention. A website must be fed in order for it to grow. Working closely with your developer will help initiate the growth process and change. So get involved and engage with your developer often, and be open to new ideas, or be on the look out for useful functionalities as you browse other websites.
  • Talk to people about your website - Clients, friends, family - whether it is an existing website or a new one. It is one sure way to pinpoint traffic directly to your site quickly.
  • Work Closely With Your Developer - Touch-screen and Swipe functionalities have made technology devices easy to use. Unfortunately, this has led to significant misperceptions about what it takes to make such functionalities available. Just to get a single button light up on-screen requires coding and testing. Similarly, if you want a modern, professional website which truly meets your needs and reflects your company, you must be prepared to work closely with your developer. Patience is key.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization - In our view is more of an arcane art than a scientific process. However, this should not deter web developers from doing their best to optimize a web site - giving it proper document structure and flow. It is a better way to ensure that your site will be found, than relying solely on SEO. Still, genuine SE optimizers do exist, but they will not use spam and they will not use generic email addresses such as @hotmail, @yahoo or @gmail. They have a well established service that can be checked for authenticity.
  • Beware of false promises - You will be pestered by emails from unscrupulous people soon after launching your site, although your main email contact for the site may be encrypted or a secure feedback form may be implemented on your site. Get a good maintenance agreement in place, preferably with your developer, so that your site can be properly monitored and maintained to reduce spam.
  • Spam Warning - After launching a web site, owners will be contacted by spammers offering to improve your search engine optimization. If you are duped by this, you will pay a lot of money and the spammer will do absolutely nothing. Some of these dreadful individuals even claim to be working for Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, or they claim to have contacts within these organizations.
  • Page Rank and Keywords, Popularity, External Links - Search Engines are extremely secretive about their search criteria and page ranking methods. They may occasionally modify their rules but the general principles remain the same. In different degrees of emphasis, all the major SEs utilize a combination of keywords in the title and body sections of the site, external links (links from your site to other sites, or from other sites to your site), etc.
  • Meta Tag Keywords - Established primarily for the purposes of streamlining the keywords feature in web design, it has been so abused over the years that for example Google explicitly no longer uses it in its site indexing rules.
  • Textual Content - Online content, specifically textual content, is not exactly written like a traditional essay. Avoid sounding "professorial" and long-winded. True, some points cannot be made briefly, but make a special effort to do so. Also, good language (grammar, syntax, sentence structure, etc) is ever more relevant for online content. It is often used to judge your site's level of seriousness and professionalism. Text-messaging type English is not acceptable for fully professional sites, except if the site is specifically intended to present that kind of content.