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DriveNet Solutions

We build all types of custom business solutions for Government Institutions, Public Organizations and Private Businesses.

Device-independent, cross-browser compatible, platform-neutral solutions.

We build custom websites for any type of business or organisation.

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Customized Unified Information Systems

Customized systems built to fit your needs and address your challenges. Dominate your market space with leading edge, mission-critical tools which put you in charge of driving your business' KPIs. Private Sector efficiencies for Public Sector goals, all seamlessly integrated for greater efficiency and powerful, customized functionality. Talk to us, to get a sense of how we may be able to help. CUIS Solutions! Learn More>>

Ramp up! Get powered by accurate, reliable, secure and intelligent world-class customized business systems driven by data. “Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore. Thinking Big Data? Learn More>>

Reliable - Stable

Get robust systems previously available to only manufacturing firms in advanced economies, and access the same strong features and rigorous standards to propel your operations.

Secure - Versatile

No-Fluff No-Chaff security configurations which protect your data and operations, providing controls which help reduce process subversion while enhancing staff development.

Easy to Use - Functional

Customized Line of Business solutions for public organizations such as government ministries, departments & agencies; large private enterprises; snap-shot views at run-time.

Web-enabled - Mobile

Customized Unified Information Systems are the big guys on the block. Suitable for entities with nationwide coverage, extensive multiple operations or BigData requirements.

Gear sprockets representing manufacturing
Industrial-strength Systems
Security and Configuration icons representing secure and versatile
Security & Solid Controls
Image for a system dashboard representing functional
Intuitive Dashboards
The next frontier image for web-enabled
Web Applications

Custom Websites - Large Enterprise, Medium & Smallbiz

Stunning Designs

Example design of websiteMake a statement; capture your audience's imagination; connect strongly with your customers and delight them with excellent professional service - about your company's line of business, what you do, who you are, and where you are bound, echoing your brand worldwide.

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Solid Code Framework

Desktop screen at C-promptOur code framing is anchored in solid W3 Schools and other leading framework principles for web theming. Rely on the most up-to-date web document structure renderings and coding architecture to drive your website. We can pin-point issues quickly and move to resolve them.

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Maintenance & Support

Image representing maintenanceWe provide comprehensive maintenance and technical support services to ensure system stability, sustainability and viability. Our post-implementation services are designed to keep the client focused on what's best for them - doing business

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Tried and tested American technology, now available in Ghana.